How to Wind a Center-Pull Yarn Ball

Have you ever gotten a good deal into a project and then realized you made a big error and had to scrap the whole thing? Well, that just happened to me with the project I’m currently working on. I know it can be really frustrating when you start to pull apart all of your stitches. Your work may have been wasted, but you can easily salvage your yarn back into an easy to use center-pull ball like the one you started with.

All you will need is the yarn you want to wind back up and your crochet hook. If you’re trying to wind up a very large amount of yarn, you will need a longer object like a knitting needle. The numbers below go along with the pictures.

1. Put the end of your yarn along the length of your crochet hook.
2. Fold the yarn back over and wrap it around both the hook and yarn towards the end of the yarn. Leave some of the yarn end sticking out the entire time. This is going to be your center-pull in the end.
3.-4. Turn again and start wrapping your yarn diagonally in the other direction. Repeat this process over and over until you’ve gotten a good bit of thickness to it.
5. Using the crochet hook to anchor your yarn, start wrapping long-ways, spinning the hook as you go along so that you’re not just wrapping in the same spot the entire time.
6. After you’ve gotten more thickness to it, start wrapping short-ways again. Repeat this process of alternating long-ways and short-ways wrapping until you’re almost out of yarn.
7. I always like to finish off with a bit of short-ways wrapping to hold everything together. Tuck the end of your yarn under some of the strands.
8. Now you’re done and can pull the crochet hook out of your yarn ball. If you wrapped it tight, this may need a bit of work (you can attach something to the end of your hook to help pull it out). Start crocheting again using the yarn end you left sticking out as your center-pull.




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