This is Halloween!

Well, Halloween technically isn’t today, but whatever. I’m going to be too busy making Muddy Buddies, eating candy, and watching movies on Halloween to bother with much else.

A couple of weeks ago, I had this idea to make a little Halloween-themed box to hold all my candies in. Each side of the box would have a different Halloween-themed picture on it done in Tunisian crochet. Unfortunately, I got a bit too busy with other things and never got around to making it (and maybe I was a bit too lazy). I did, however, draw up a few grids that I was going to use for it, which I’ll share with you now.

Here they are. As you can see below them, I tested one out in Tunisian crochet and it worked pretty well. I’m sure they’ll work fine for single crochet, knit,  perler beads, or whatever else you can come up with.

Spider Web:



Frankenstein’s Monster, which my partner says looks like a Muppet…:

My test of Frankenmuppet:


On a side note….
In order to make your jack-o’-lantern extra special, try carving some shapes into the back of it. My partner and I got one little pumpkin to share, so he carved the face and I carved some bats on the back. When lit, the bats make a pretty cool light projection onto the wall. I think I may have to start doing this with every jack-o’-lantern.


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